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Automatically Supporting Process Model Creation in the Classroom


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About Model Judge

The Model Judge is a platform to support novice modelers in learning to create process models, and instructors to organize process modeling sessions that can be monitorized in real time. Currently the platform focuses in the BPMN 2.0 notation.

For Instructors

Are you in charge of a process modeling course? Would you like your students to have continuous feedback when they learn how to create process models from textual descriptions?

The Model Judge provides you an easy-to-use platform to accomplish this! You can select from a set of modeling exercises, the ones that better suite your course content. Additionally, you can create your own exercises with the exercise editor integrated in our platform.

It is very easy: Once you enroll as instructor (for this you can simply send an email to, you can enter into the platform and design the course. You will then receive a unique code that you can share with your students. Once students start working in the exercises of your course, you can monitor their progress both individually but also in a dashboard that aggregates the data of the class.

Moreover, Instructors can create new exercises with the Exercise Editor. A detailed tutorial for using the Exercise Editor can be found here.

For Novice Modelers and Students

When you enter in the Model Judge, you can either practice modeling exercises that are available, or enrol into the course created by your instructor. The modeling task is very simple: for an exercise, you will have the text on the left part, and the modeling session in the center (Powered by Camunda). Then at any point in time, you can validate your current process model, to know whereas you are in the right direction to get the solution. The validation would then give you hints on how to improve/repair your process model.